Marcello, Marcello

Marcello falls head over heels in love with Elena, who is, sadly, way out of his league: He is poor and she is the daughter of the rich mayor of Amatrello. To make matters worse, Amatrello tradition dictates that the father decides on whether a boy may date his daughter, based on his satisfaction with the gift he receives from the suitor. Fortunately, Marcello knows just what to give Elena's father: the annoying rooster that disrupts his sleep every morning! The noisy bird's owner will give Marcello the rooster, but only in exchange for two bottles of the Palmieri sisters' renowned Limoncello liqueur. The sisters are willing to part with the Limoncello - if Marcello picks up their wedding dresses from the seamstress, Signora Di Meo. In exchange, Signora Di Meo wants... And so the story unfolds: As one hand washes the other, Marcello soon finds himself trading with the entire village, and he learns that everyone wants something from somebody else... In the end, however, he finds that true love is beyond wheeling and dealing.