The End of the Lies

When Susanne's wild young sister Mia shows up in her peaceful hometown after 15 years, she threatens to ruin her whole life. A deadly family feud ensues...

What begins as a family drama evolves into a suspenseful psychological thriller, in which a stellar Aglaia Szyszkowitz turns a whole village on its head as a cosmopolitan vamp.

It's been a long time since family-oriented Susanne and her independent-minded little sister have seen each other. 15 years ago, they took an adventurous vacation to Australia, from which Susanne returned with little newborn Jenny, while Mia decided to stay abroad and pursue her career. Actually, however, Jenny is Mia's baby, a fact Susanne keeps secret even from her husband George to this day. When their mother and family matron Hilde passes away, Mia suddenly appears in the home town of Wolkenstein - and it looks like she wants to stay. Not only does Mia stick her nose into the family business and wrap their father Herbert around her little finger, she also disrupts Susanne's tranquil family life by secretly allying herself with teenaged Jenny and flirting with George behind her back. Susanne's worst fears soon come true, and a battle for love and happiness erupts between the two sisters.