Sweet as Pie

City girl Hanna finds herself back on the farm, juggling her life in the city and the men in her life. But will she find the one person she needs to succeed – herself?

When Hanna unexpectedly inherits half a farm, her life is turned completely on its head. As curve balls go, this is a good one because the conditions of the will really take the biscuit! She must decamp from the city, move out to the sticks in rural Bavaria, and work the farm for four weeks with her cousin Max and worse still, she must spend every night there – otherwise everything goes to the church. The timing couldn't be worse for Hanna who is just about to invest in Alex's Munich coffee bar. Alex, incidentally, is the man of her dreams. But in typical Hanna style, she throws herself into the adventure and tries to get a handle on the urban/rural divide. However, the longer she spends in her old home, the clearer she comes to see herself and her own dreams. She not only uncovers a family secret, but also finds her great love. There is also some baking!

Adapted from the book by Angelika Schwarzhuber, this is a heartwarming and entertaining romantic comedy about belonging that will resonate with both young and old. With a highly relatable protagonist at its heart and excellent production values, the film highlights the contrast between rural and urban lifestyles with idyllic rural Bavaria and cosmopolitan Munich providing stunning backdrops and contemporary style. Featuring a raft of new talent, this is sure to appeal to a wide audience.