Same - but different!

In this challenging reality show, families, best buddies and associate partners change their regular private and business life with people from abroad -for a whole week. Everything is different; only one thing remains the same: the name of the city where they live.
Each week, two willing parties from Switzerland and from a foreign country are torn out of their everyday routine to start a live-changing experiment. They change house, job, friends
and countries. People from Switzerland's biggest city Zurich find themselves in the deserted north of The Netherlands; a family from the industrial town Birr meets a typical Irish village with pubs, sheep and welcoming natives. How do the Swiss and the foreigners manage this task? How do they handle the culture shock?
A fun family entertainment program about tradition, cultural exchange, common grounds and glaring differences. Europe and the world seen through Swiss eyes -and an international eye on Switzerland and its inhabitants.

12 x 42 min. - 6 episodes still in production

Glarus - New Glarus, Wisconsin, USA
Zurich - Zurich, Friesland. Netherlands
Fribourg - Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Birr AG - Birr, Offaly, Irland
Bern - Bern, Kansas, USA
Hasle LU - Hasle, Bornholm, Denmark