Willi Wants to Know

Willi explains how the world works: Our roving reporter Willi provides young audiences with a peek at exciting experiments and prestigious professions.

Who helps track down criminals? How does a star wind up on the front page? How do clowns learn how to be funny? Where does the toilet pipe go? How smart are animals? What happens when you signal S.O.S. at sea? Why do people become monks? What does the world look like when you're blind? How do we figure out what the weather will be like?

Willi sets out to explore jobs, places and things. He meets interesting people like stunt men and veterinarians and observes them on the job. Or he bounces from one surprise to the next in interesting places like fire departments, airports, river boats or salt mines. He always keeps his questions childlike, getting to the bottom of things, never afraid to ask tough or weird questions as well. Watch Willi follow a drop of water from its source to the treatment plant, or a postcard from the sea to the mountains. Willi needs to know!

Winner of the Robert Geisendörfer Preis 2004
Winner of the Journalistenpreis der Diakonie Baden und Württemberg 2004
Winner of the BAVARIAN TV AWARD 2003
Winner of the ERICH KÄSTNER AWARD 2003
Winner of the Special Award EMIL 2003 awarded by the TV Magazine "TV Spielfilm"